The Great First Laser, The EMBLASER 2!


Very powerfull, well put together, with a beautiful design.

The Emblaser 2 is a full featured software device with great safety functions, and not as expensive as some CO2 machines. Besides a ‘power’ and ‘arm laser’ button on the device, all other functions are run using open source software known as ‘LightBurn’.

The Emblaser 2 is not difficult to operate, it will have a learning curve when you start out using it, and there are starter projects and tutorials to help you get on your feet quickly and get cutting quickly.

The software is very intuitive with smart features, a library of preset materials, and what kicks it up a level, the materials has fully customizable profiles.

Some Specifications:

BUILD VOLUME 500 X 300mm
LASER TYPE 5+ watt diode laser (Class 1) (with beam reshaping)
CUT UNTETHERED Yes, Wi-Fi or USB connection
ONBOARD CONTROLS No, only power and ‘arm laser’ buttons on the unit
SOFTWARE LightBurn (previously used LaserWeb)
OS Mac, Windows
FIRMWARE Proprietary
COOLING Air assist (blower). Does not require chiller or water cooling of any kind.
FUME EXTRACTION Outdoor exhault hose included; filtration system at an additional cost.

For anyone looking to make photo engravings, the Emblaser 2 is especially the right choice for you, because the Emblaser 2 is particularly good at etching detailed raster images.

Check out this advertisement from ME Bank using the Emblaser 2! – click the link to view.

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