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The Multi-award winning range of UP 3D Printers boasts incredible speed, hassle-free with exceptional quality 3D printing.

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Tiertime X5

The X5 – Made For Manufacturing

The Tiertime X5 is a breakthrough in 3D Printing, designed from scratch for low-volume manufacturing. Capable of automatically feeding up to 12 plates onto its build platform, as well as reloading during printing.

Tiertime UP600

The UP600 – Large Format Powerhouse

The Tiertime UP600 industrial printer is designed to tackle very large print jobs with the same ease and precision you have come to expect from other Tiertime 3D printers.

Tiertime UP300

The UP300 – Reliable Technology

The Tiertime UP300 was designed for users demanding large build volumes and consistent performance across different materials.


The UP BOX+ Means Business

An exemplary 3D Printer that sets new standards in safety and HD print quality. Designed specifically for educators and professionals looking for fast hassle free 3D printing.

UP mini 2 ES

3D Printer

Compact 3D Printing On Your Desk

Everything you need to get printing. Free from the bells and whistles, this little guy just works hard for you.

UP mini 3

3D Printer

Built For Everyday Ease Of Use & Safety In Mind

The UP mini 3 – 3D printer series is built for everybody, easy-to-use and safaty in mind. The new UP mini 3, with the new look, has made some crusial upgrades with a bigger build plate, true auto calibration and filament runout protection.

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