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Einscan Pro 2X 2020
Next Generation, portable, versatile, high prescision handheld 3D Scanner.

  • This handy scanner is a great option for scanning small to medium size objects.
  • Scan faster and more accurate with the latest technology offers.
  • Ideal for high-quality 3D modelling, reverse engineering and much more.

Einscan Pro HD
Next Generation, Improved efficiency, high-quality handheld 3D Scanner.

  • Impressive high resolution for fine details.
  • Handles dark and casting metal surfaces with less limitations.
  • Fast scan speed for high efficiency.

Einscan H
Next Generation, portable, easy hybrid led & infrared light source handheld color 3D Scanner.

  • Hybrid LED & Infrared light source for invisible lighting and full color, ready in minutes.
  • Try scanning your hair, this scanner has fast scanning and high quality details in full color.

Einscan HX
Next Generation, portable, easy hybrid blue laser & led light source handheld 3D Scanner.

  • A high quality scanner built to be used for all kinds of tasks and workshops.
  • A hybrid blue laser & led light source for high quality and full color, with reliable results.
  • Highly efficient scanner, quality high precision, made for engineering purposes.

Einscan SE & SP
New Generation of Desktop 3D Scanners

The new generation of 3D scanners has arrived with the new Einscan SE & SP 3D scanners. This revolutionary new scanner can be used to capture incredibly high-resolution 3D data.