Elevate Your 3D Printing Experience with the FREESCAN COMBO 3D Scanner!
The FREESCAN COMBO 3D Scanner! This small, light-weight, and portable handheld scanner is equipped with four working modes, allowing for precise and efficient scanning in various industries.
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Introducing FREESCAN COMBO 3D Scanner

Small | Light-Weight | Portable – Multi-Functional Handheld 3D Scanner

The FreeScan Combo, with a small size of 193x63x53mm and weighing only 620g, has dual light sources: blue laser and infrared VCSEL. Being a lightweight and portable metrology scanner , it is equipped with four working modes: multiple lines scanning, single-line scanning, fine scanning, and infrared scanning.

It can be used to achieve metrology-grade precision inspection, reverse design, additive manufacturing, and other applications in many manufacturing sectors, including the automotive industries, aerospace, rail transportation, heavy industries, mold manufacturing, casting and foundry, and medical industries.

Why Choose FREESCAN COMBO 3D Scanner?

Portable, High Resolution Next Generation Handheld 3D Scanner


Up to 0.02mm.
A wise choice for meterology application.
Metrology-grade accuracy, the accuracy under laser scanning mode can achieve up to 0.02mm.


Powerfull and ergonomic design, compact, conveniet and easy to use.
Metal case in line with modern industrial easthetics.
620g / 0.62kg

Compact Size

193mm x 63mm x 53mm

26 laser lines for global scanning

1,860,000 points/s
Global scanning, is smooth and efficient.
No fear of black or reflective surfaces.

7 parallel blue laser lines for fine scanning details

Precise and fine details scanning.
Smaller scanning area with 7 parallel laser lines.

1 single blue laser line to obtain deep hole data

Optimised lens angle and single line for better acquisition of deep hole data.
Ensuring complete data for full-size 3D inspection.

Infrared light source scanning fast and without markers

No markers needed for feture-rich workplaces.
Infrared light source can be used directly to scan quickly.

Light Source

Blue laser + Infrared VCSEL

An innovative combination of blue laser and infrared light sources meets the needs of diverse industrial 3D scanning scenarios.

Scanning Modes

4 Scanning Modes

Technical Specifications


When it comes to printers the FREESCAN COMBO 3D Scanner is ideal for businesses, Engineers, Designers, Architects, and Schools for their printing requirements.

“Make the smart choice today for a better tomorrow.”


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