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Structure Sensor (includes delivery)

The Structure Sensor is a Made For iPad (MFi) accessory that brings a completely new set of capabilities to mobile devices like the Apple iPad:

  • Precise color 3D scanning of objects and people.
  • Indoor mapping to create immersive 3D models of buildings from the inside out.
  • A robust SDK to allow for quick creation of applications for vertical industries such as medicine and construction.


3D Scanning

Structure Sensor offers one of the simplest ways to capture high-quality, full-color 3D scans. No wires to constrain movement, realtime view of 3D scans as they are
captured, and optional WiFi streaming direct to a Mac or PC running Skanect 3D scanning software. Sample code included in the Structure SDK.


Medical Imaging

The Structure Sensor has been quickly adapted to medical use cases that require the ability to quickly capture highly accurate models of bodies and body parts.Applications have already been developed and are in active use for prosthetics, orthotics, plastic surgery and wound care.


Range – min distance: 40 cm
Range – max distance: 3.5+ meters
Precision: 1% of measured distance
Resolution: VGA / QVGA
Framerate: 30 / 60 frames per second
Field of View Horizontal: 58 degrees
Field of View Vertical: 45 degrees
Battery Life: 3-4 hours of active scanning, 1000+ hours of standby
Illumination: Infrared structured light projector, uniform infrared LED’
Operating Temperature: Yes
Certifications: Yes
Power Adapter: Yes
Apple iOS Compatability: Yes


What’s in the package:

  • Structure Sensor (Silver)
  • Lightning Cable
  • Power Adapter

Additional information

Weight 0.095 kg
Dimensions 11.92 × 2.79 × 2.9 cm


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