PolyMide™ PA12-CF Nylon 1.75mm Filament (500g reel Black)

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PolyMide™ PA12-CF Nylon 1.75 mm Filament (500g)

PolyMide™ is a family of Nylon/polyamide-based filaments. Produced with Polymaker’s Warp-Free™ technology, PolyMide™ filaments deliver engineering properties intrinsic to Nylon and ease of printing.

PolyMide™️ PA12-CF is a carbon fiber-reinforced PA12 (Nylon 12) filament. Thanks to the low moisture sensitivity of PA12, this product features outstanding mechanical and thermal properties even after the moisture conditioning process. Combined with its ease of print with Warp-Free™️ technology, this product is ideal to create manufacturing tools.


Nozzle Temperature: 260˚C – 300˚C *

Printing Speed: 30mm/s – 60mm/s <br> Bed Temperature: 25˚C – 50˚C (Do NOT exceed 50 ˚C)

Bed Surface: almost any surface with a thin coat of PVA glue or Magigoo PA

Cooling Fan: OFF

Based on the 0.4 mm nozzle and Simplify 3D v.4.0. Printing conditions may vary with different printers and nozzle diameters * We highly recommend using a wear-resistant nozzle

Young’s Modulus: 3304.39 ± 145 (MPa)

Tensile Strength: 71.63 ± 1.7 (MPa)

Bending Strength: 109.97 ± 1.38 (MPa)

Charpy Impact Strength: 12.52 ± 0.68 (kJ/m2)

Heat Deflection Temperature (ISO 75 1.8 MPa): 105 ˚C

Heat Deflection Temperature (ISO 75 0.45 MPa): 131 ˚C

Melting Temperature: 165 (°C)

Drying Settings: 100˚C for 8h

Recommended Support Materials: N/A

Other: Annealing 80℃ 6h


The packaging dimensions: 22cm x 22cm x 6cm
The packaging weight: 1,150kg


PolyMide™️ PA12-CF features Polymaker's Warp-Free™ technology and Fiber Adhesion™ technology:

Warp-Free™ technology enables the production of Nylon-based filaments that can be 3D printed with excellent dimensional stability and near-zero warpage. This is achieved by the fine control of the microstructure and crystallization behavior of Nylon, which enables the material to fully release internal stress before solidification.

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Weight 1.150 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 6 cm


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