Laser Unit – 10W Emblaser 2 Diode

The existing Emblaser 2 machines will require an updated more heavily shaded lid to have the machine adhere to ‘Class 1’ standards. The lid replacement process is very easy and instructions will be provided for customers to perform this themselves.

Not available online yet. Please contact us should you have any inquiries about this product.
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Laser Unit - 10W Eblaser 2 Diode

A major upgrade to the Emblaser 2 range. The 10Watt laser unit will enhance your Emblaser 2 to the next level with performance, reliability, and maintenance in mind.

Cutting Edge Engraving Performance

With the use of a finer laser beam, double the level of detailed engravings can be made with more controlled shading. The Kerf width is less than half that of the original laser beam.

Easy to Clean

The lens is protected from debris by the use of a removable quartz cap, making cleaning very easy. Never remove the lens and extend its lifespan and performance optimal.

Plug & Play

Plugs directly into any Emblaser 2 or Emblaser Core, and all mounting brackets and tools are provided to easily do the installation.

Technical Specifications

Optical Specs.

  • Effective Laser Power = 10w
  • Laser Wavelength = 455nm
  • Focus Length = 50mm
  • Runtime: Continuous
  • Lifespan = 7000-10,000 hrs


  • 12 months

Compatible Machines

  • Emblaser Core – All models *
  • Emblaser 2 – All models **

* Recommend upgrading to OD7+ rated protective eyewear. See ‘Important Safety Information below.

** Machines with serial numbers earlier than E2-02910 require a lid upgrade.


Additional information

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Warranty on machines. T & Cs Apply



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