2 x 500g reels Green UP ABS+ Premium Filament (1 kg)

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2 x 500g reels Green UP ABS+ Premium Filament (1 kg)

Green ABS Filament

About the Green ABS+ Filament

The quality of this ABS+ (the same plastic that Lego is made of) 3D Printer filament is similar to high end 3D Printers. Support material is easy to break away, printed parts are tough and durable and look great with fine surface finish.

Printed parts can be sanded, primed and painted with acrylic. Models can also be glued with superglue, acetone or ABS+ cement.

Your filament comes packaged in a vacum packed bag with a desiccant for protection and storage.

3D Printer Filament Rating
3D Printer Filament Specification
Product NameUP ABS+ Green
MaterialAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Other propertiesGreat for LED lighting
Filament Diameter1.75mm +/- 0.10mm
Fimalent Weight500 grams - 200 meters per reel
Extrusion Temperature260c-270c
SpoolPlastic, vacum packed in foil bag with desiccant

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Weight9 kg


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