Structure Sensor Pro

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Structure Sensor Pro

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Easy, Portable, High Quality – Develop With Depth

 3D Scanning Experience, Augmented Reality, all for Mobile Devices.

Capture scale accurate 3D models of people, objects and places with your iPad

No wires to limit movement, and no turntable to limit the size of what you can capture. A screen right in front of you to show what you scan, as you scan it. And the speed to capture high-quality, full-colour 3D scans in seconds instead of minutes.

Rapid 3D scanning of people and objects alike, during the day outdoor and indoors, make 3D maps of interior spaces for super reality experiences where fantacy and reality becomes almost impossible to tell. Such a tool could be amazing for property display and many other applications.

Scan dense geometry in real-time, simulate real world physics while creating high-fidelity 3D models with high-resolution in seconds. Use the structure sensor as a powerfull tool for your home improvement plans, Canvas creates a scale-accurate 3D model of a home in minutes, all on your iPad. Measure, review, or even share your model instantly, or even convert it into simplified CAD format frawings like SketchUp, AutoCAD, or Revit.

Let your creativity loose and start scanning today.

Designed for your healthcare practice.

Designed with best-in-class performance, with improved unit-to-unit and scan-to-scan consistency. Structure Sensor Pro is very reliable being built for demanding healthcare environments. Known as the most accurate scanning solution ever, giving you great results for you and patients. Get use to high-quality results with improved Structure SDK and a full-year warranty.

Industrial-grade calibration.

With the structure sensor pro delivers tested calibration which ensure precise and consistent scans out of the box.


Structure Sensor Apps for 3D Scanning


by itSeez

Capture photorealistic 3D models of objects and people in seconds that you can then send to Sketchfab, Shapeways or your 3D printer

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by Occipital

Capture, edit and share photorealistic 3D models of people, objects and places. A complete suite of editing tools for optimized models.

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by entreScan

Capture and submit 3D scans of people and objects, and then receive full-color 3D prints in the mail.

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Precise 3D Scans in Three Simple Steps


Gear up:

The only equipment you need is an iPad and a Structure Sensor.

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Download a 3D scanning app for Structure Sensor from the iPad app store or get Skanect Pro below.

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Start Scanning:

Start capturing precise 3D models instantly.

It’s really that simple.

Are you ready for the ultimate 3D Scanning experience?